Thursday, March 24, 2016

Batman v Yeti v Superman

Look, I like the Batman. But he's pretty fun to poke fun at. We josh him because we love him.  Here's my favorite comic parody of Batman:

Batman's gone up against yetis like a bunches. Most famously, it was the Snowman in the comics, one of his rogue's gallery of villains. I previously blogged about it: Snowman 1, Snowman 2, Snowman 3, but there's also the LEGO Batman video game, and most recently, when he teamed up with Frankenstein.

Here's what it look like when Bats battles Yets:  KAPOW!

By Jeff Himes

What I haven't mentioned yet is the kids comic Batman: The Brave and The Bold Vol 1 8.  Here, the Caped Crusader does meet a flurry of real yetis (no relation to Snowman):

In the Not Yeti realm, there's Xavier Simon (blogged about here), but let's move on. He's not even worthy of additional consideration.

One Not Yeti guy I have been remiss in not mentioning is the one and only Clayface:

And strangely enough, this Fisher Price Mr. Freeze Playset includes a Clayface figure made out of ice; in other words, a snowlem:

That's enough Bats.  Now it's time to turn our eyes over to the big blue guy with the red S on his shirt... And I ain't talkin' bout Phyllis Diller (that doesn't even make any sense).

Longtime readers know that Superman is an enemy of this site.   I call him Baron Blackheart because he fights dirty.

Most famously, Double-B fought an Abominable Snowman in the comics. I previously blogged about it here: Comic 1 and Comic 2.

Here are some more panels from this sequence (Source):

Look how B.B. uses debris in a barrage... Tsk, tsk. Not fair, Supes. NOT FAIR. In another word: unsporting.


It has a pretty weird solution at the end. Blackheart suspends the Snowman forever a few inches in the air and this "saves the day".  Now that's what I call dirty fighting:

Besides the comics, there's also several examples of Supes vs. Yeti within animated cartoons from the 1960s - I previously blogged about them here: 60s cartoon 1 and 60s cartoon 2.

Someone that I am much more fond of, as you can imagine, is Bizarro, the much-maligned alternate reality Superman.

I discovered recently that Bizarro actually fought yeti in the comics! (source):

And besides Bizarro, I'm cool with Supergirl. She fought a Yeti white gorilla (source):

Actually, she did fight a yeti before.  No, really, and here's another panel to prove it (source):

On a final note, there are three Not Yetis that Superman has fought that I can't help but root for:

Ultra-humanite (1 and 2):


Solomon Grundy:


Now, if only Batman and Superman would fight each other....

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