Monday, October 10, 2011

Superhero vs. Yeti

This week's theme is "Superhero vs. Yeti".

As longtime readers know, Yeti often does battle with comic book super-heroes.

You name it, he go toe-to-toe:

Captain America
Hulk (and here)
Silver Surfer
The Thing
Lobster Johnson
Red Sonja
Black Panther
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Perhaps his most famous foe is Superman. Long ago, I blogged about yeti's quarrel with the black-hearted fiend. It's important to realize: the so-called "Man of Steel" and his various punching pursuits are no match for the Yeti's abominable abdominals. Like there was ever a contest. I don't see yeti getting even the slightest rash from some green rock. Not like a certain caped gentleman I could name. (...Is he even a gentleman? And can one even call that a cape? ...I mean without disrespecting actual capes?). Poor Supesy. Hate to knock him. Mostly what I have for him is pity.

To get things started for "Super-hero vs. Yeti" week, it seemed fitting to fill you in on a moment when yeti foiled Superman most effectively. It was 1966-7, the Rudolph special had aired, and kids knew the phrase "The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas" pretty well. The cartoon show The New Adventures of Superman was on the airwaves, and episode #24, called "The Image Maker", featured mad scientist Professor Nula with a henchman yeti named... ?????

See if you can tell what Luna is calling him. I give up.

Anyway, as you can see from the clip, Superman (in business attire) decides to leave a room, foolishly thinking a yeti won't exit a video screen and kidnap his lady friend. What are you thinking, DUPE-rman. Turn your back and yeti is there. That is in the Encyclopedia Brittanica, as any school-goer would know. First Grade Curriculum.

Still of Superman looking dumbfounded by the sheer genius/audacity of yeti:

Full video clip embedded for viewing:

Nice job carrying Lois, "?????".

Boka? I guess it's Boka. Anyway, you done good, Boka.

Superman is rightfully deshamed.

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