Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vehicle vs Yeti (Yeti Arcade: Versus Vehicle Roundup)

Sometimes yeti isn't using a vehicle.

 It's yeti VS. vehicle.

Yeti vs. Battlestar Galactica viper

Happens all the time.  Like this play set called Yeti Smash in which you literally propel your toy car straight into a yeti.

This recent commercial for Audi shows how the car itself is the reason the Yeti stops preying on some villagers!

No yeti depicted because car

Happens especially in video games. Journey with me now as we drive by some of them...

Beach Buggy Racing (2014):

Monster Hill Racing (2014):

Mad Panic Coaster (1997) for PSX:

Source: Obscure Video Games

Parachute Free (2013):

(And, yes, a parachute is a vehicle. How else are you supposed to get from the sky to the ground?)

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