Friday, July 27, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Xavier Simon

So the new Batman movie's out and making big bat-bucks.  I still think Christopher Nolan made a huge mistake not selecting Xavier Simon as the chief villain. Who wouldn't want a genius who can transfer his mind into the bodies of others? And, with all the bodies of the world to choose from, decides to go with that of an albino ape?!

What a wasted opportunity on behalf of Mr. Nolan.

Now, granted, no one's ever heard of Xavier Simon, he only appeared in two obscure issues - Detective Comics # 481 (January 1979) and  # 482 (March 1979), and he's a cheap knock-off of a far superior super-villain in the DC universe, Ultra-Humanite (previously blogged about here and here), who is also a mad genius who transfers his mind into the body of an albino ape (hey, great minds think a like - and apparently, also inhabit the same type of body) - but look at these action scenes below... THEY WOULD BE AWESOME IN LIVE ACTION.

Put that up on Imax 3D, Christopher!  You missed the proverbial boat, my friend.  One of these days, we will get a brawling Mind-Transferred Genius Albino Ape in a film!  It's what we deserve.  I'm going to start a petition.

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