Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snowball fight! 3 (Yeti Arcade: Snowball Roundup)

What's the most famous snowball-wielding yeti in video games?   Why, it is Willump with his rider Nunu from League of Legends. Answered.

Here's ten more:

Land Sliders (2015):

Yeti On The Way (2015):

Yetipocalypse (2015):

Snow Heroes (2009):

Snowival - Yeti Snowball Fight (2013):

Monsu (2015):

 Titan Souls (2015):

Fan art

Head Soccer (2015):

Snowball Revenge (2012): Play a yeti riding a giant snowball that destroys everything in its path.  About time!


Block N Load (2015):

"Hailing from the frozen wastes of Siberia, Yury combines Cold War tactics with mountain equipment found on a mutilated ski slope worker. (Hey, he just found him that way!) Armed with snowballs, the SnowThrower 6000 SUX, and the ability to call down an avalanche on his foes, Yury is hoping the time for perestroika and glasnost in Block N Load is over."

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