Monday, January 25, 2016

[Multi-eared Monday] Throwback: Sol Katmandu Park

Back in 2007, I blogged about a tourist attraction called "The House of Katmandu" which had this animatronic statue inside -  a stave-wielding, monk-friendly, sort of mogwai-esque, multi-eared yeti.

UPDATE: there's now a big hotel resort in Mallorca called Sol Katmandu Park, which uses the same multi-eared yeti, plus a pink female counterpart, as its mascots.

And there appears to be other multi-eared yeti characters  as well:

The character is used in their promotional materials:

For their holiday card:

And they put together an online picture book for kids:

They even had a giant statue of him climbing up the side of the hotel!

And the original animatronic is there if you want to gawp in abject wonder.

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