Friday, January 15, 2016

Not Yeti Friday - Various Kids Cartoons

Pleasant Goat from Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (hugely popular in China):
Purple Puma from Steven Universe:

Giant from Dungeons & Dragons cartoon (very Song of Ice & Fire):

Were-polar bear from Kong: The Animated Series:

 IceLeomon from Digimon:

Ice Creature from TMNT:

Wooly from Teddy Ruxpin

Ice Ogre from Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Newscaster from the Planet of the Apes cartoon:

Froztok from Redakai:

Last but not least, the great Samurai Jack had an assortment of yeti-likes:


Anonymous said...

Hey Henrey name your version of the Chinese Zodiac.

Henry said...

Hmm, good question... I think I would have to say that my version of the Chinese Zodiac would be named.... drumroll please...