Monday, January 11, 2016

[Multi-headed Monday] Multiple Examples

Lettin' the Ettin' speak for itselves...

Dungeons & Dragons is really to blame. There be Ett in the game from the start!



According to 5e cosmology, the D&D demon lord Demogorgon apparently turned orcs into giant mockeries of the twin-headed Prince of Demons and that's how ettins were born.

Here are some more examples. I'm sure there are others I'm forg-ettin'.

 Amanda Visell's Ice God:

 Jack the Giant Killer's Thunderdell:

Popeye's Boola:

Two-headed Monster from Sesame Street

Harryhausen's stopmotion monster:

Abomination from The Thing With Two Heads:


Two Headed Monster from Adventure Time:

Jenny from Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot:



Designer toy Yakonimonz by Tanin Tumth of #MOK :

Designer toy Cyco Ape by Mishka:

And sometimes they got three heads, 'stead of two. What's that called? My suggestion: "threttin".



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