Friday, December 18, 2015

[Wampa Week] Not Yeti Friday - Assorted Star Wars Species

White Chewie with bird-on-head
For past Wampa Weeks, I've used 'Not Yeti Friday' to spotlight a different alien from the Star Wars Universe that is sort of yeti-ish:

So far I've covered:

Plus: a big inspiration for the Wampa from the Barsoom books: The Apt

I have a few more for you this year:


There's a jedi master whiphid named K’Kruhk:


Description: "Akurians, known by their nickname, Snow Stompers, and the derogatory Snow Demons, were tall, white-furred sapients similar in height and build to Wookiees, with crests of hair running along their scalps from nose to nape of neck."


Holochess monsters

I hear they're getting featured in the new movie...

 Roll call!

Love this great fake box art for the Dejarik Holochess game:

And, finally, though not canonical, Chewbacca by Siloff for an alternate Samurai-style Star Wars, is très cool and worth including in the mix:

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