Friday, December 14, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Talz

There is an ice planet in the Star Wars universe where a large, bulky white-furred hominid resides.

I ain't talkin'bout no wampa!

I'm talkin' TALZ.

The Talz.

Remember this guy from the Cantina scene?

Fun Facts:
  • They're from the frozen world of Alzoc III and their chirpy-buzzy language is called Talzzi.
  • They have two distinct sets of eyes: one for day vision, and one for night vision.
    From the Wookiepeedia: "The larger set of eyes were shut during the day, when sunlight reflected off the snow with dazzling brightness—able to blind sensitive optical organs, leaving the smaller set to navigate with. Alternatively, during the deep darkness of their homeworld's moonless night, the larger pair were utilized to provide the Talz with adequate vision"
  • Gentle, hard-working, diligent, tireless: these are words to describe the Talz.
  • They had problems with the concept of ownership and were thus often thought to be a race of thieves.

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