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The Honorary Yetis of Yester-year

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So each year I select an Honorary Yeti of the Year. This is a character from the popular culture that is NOT a yeti but is either reminiscent of the yeti or I think might have helped contribute to our conception of the Yeti.  For example, there might be a little of Dr. Seuss' Grinch or Miyazaki's Totoro in some modern depictions of the Hairy Himalayan Hominid.  For your edification and enlightenment, here is a rundown of every Honorary Yeti since 1945!

(Side note: Historically on this blog, I have treated 1973's Marvel comics' Wendigo, 1980's Star Wars' Wampa, and 1994's Darkstalker's Sasquatch as more than just Honorary Yetis, but as bona fide Abominables.   They are included below because this "legitimization" happened over time; at the time of these creations' initial conceptions, they were merely Honorary.)

1945: Moomin

1946: Gossamer

1947-1954 (records lost)

1955: Tasmanian Devil

1956: Id Monster

1957: The Grinch (Ymir)

1958: Harryhausen's Cyclops (Runner-up: Bizarro)

1959: Gorilla Grodd (Runners-up: Congorilla, Titano)

1960: Morlock (Runner-up: Xemnu)

1961: The Thing (Runner-up: Torr, Monsteroso, Giganto)

1962: Hulk (Runner-up: Little Fuzzy)

1963: Wild Things (Runners-up: Gremlin, Magilla Gorilla)
 1964: Cousin Itt (Runners-up: Megasoid, Gurgi, Kraven)

1965: Juggernaut

1966: Salt Vampire (Runners-up: Jamila, M1, the Rhino)

1967: Woo (Runners-up: Igoo the Rock Ape, Blastarr, MODOK, Gigoo, Abomination, Gor)

 1968: Mugato (Runnesr-up: Gorr, Doctor Zaius, Wombles)

1969: Cookie Monster (Runners-up: Oscar the Grouch, Man-Ape)

1970: Herry Monster

1971: The Lorax (Runners-up: Snuffleupagus, Man-Thing, Grimace)

1972: Beast (Runners-up: Ogron, Torg, Swamp Thing)

1973: Wendigo (Runner-up: Little John)

1974: Snow Miser (Runner-up: Fruit Brute)

1975: Animal (Runners-up: Honk, The Brute, Grape Ape)

1976: Sweetums (Runner-up: Honey Monster)

1977: Chewbacca (Runners-up: Talz, Whiphid, Trog, Sabretooth, Bar-Lgura, Captain Caveman)

1978: Yetrigar (Runners-up: Great Watchuka, Two-Headed Monster)

1979: Winterbolt (Runners-up: Hairy Scary, Xavier Simon, Megaloman)

1980: Wampa (Runners-up: Ookla the Mok, Kirara)

1981: Donkey Kong (Runners-up: Ultra-Humanite, Ogre, Gorilla Bear, Quaggoth, Beezle)

1982: Fizzgig (Runners-up: Carpenter's The Thing, Yazirians)

1983: Ewok (Runners-up: Taer, Beast Man, Gorg)

1984: Mogwai (Runners-up: Falcor, Splinter, Usagi Yojimbo, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)

1985: Monkian (Runners-up: Grizzlor, Sporilla, Teek, Gorneesh)

1986: Ludo (Runners-up: Alf, Yeren, Critters, My Pet Monster)

1987: Predator (Runners-up: Munchies, Anticans, Beastur)

1988: Totoro
1989: Toki (Runner-up:Hadozee)
 1990: Shrek
1991: Disney's The Beast (Runners-up: Earl, Blanka, Bruiser, Bio Force Ape, Feral)

1992: Kirby (Runners-up: Doomsday, Clayface, Goro)
1993: Kriegaffe #10 (Runners-up: Goldar, Gwani, Oogie Boogie)
1994: Sasquatch
1995: Cy-Gor (Runner-up: Brainiape)
1996: Shambler (Runner-up: Optimus Primal)
1997: Hagrid (Runner-up: Kodama)
1998: Furby (Runners-up: Skullmonkeys, Mojo Jojo)

1999: Gruffalo (Runner-up: King Solomon)

2000: Girallon (Runners-up: Magog, Entei)
2001: Sullivan (Runner-up: Cave troll)

2002: Monkey Fist (Runners-up: Gollum, Stitch)
2003: White Monkey (Runner-up: Gothmog)

2004: Eduardo (Runners-up: Tartarus, Slaking)

2005: Appa (Runners-up: Treeson, Leonardo the Terrible Monster)

2006: Snow Golem

2007: Brobee (Runners-up: Iorek Byrnison, Grendel)

2008: Adipose (Runners-up: Shifu, Hibagon, Migou)
2009: Uncle Dapper

2010: Hit-Monkey (Runners-up: Bandersnatch, Sad Owl, Dee Vee, Red-faced monster)

2011: White walker (Runners-up: Temple run monkeys, Attack the Block, Caesar)

2012: Beast Titan (Runners-up: Lock, Captain Gutt, Bullymong, White Ape)

2013: Marshmallow (Runner-up: Grizzam)
 2014: Baymax (Runner-up: Beekle)

And the Honorary Yeti for 2015 is....

Bing Bong!

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