Monday, September 21, 2015

[Were-Yeti Week] Yetianthropes


It's rare, but you can be born a were-yeti, or some kind of yeti hybrid, like Snowman from DC Comics or possibly Abbey Bominable.

But you can also be transformed into one.

In Ditko's "I Captured the Abominable Snowman" from 1958 (one of the earliest known yeti stories in pop culture), a curse from the locals turns the yeti-obsessed explorer into a yeti himself.

Also ~ in issue #120 of the 1976 comic The Warlord (previously blogged about issue #9's yeti here),which was titled "Vale of the Snowmen", a mysterious magic is turning the descendants of an Atlantean colony into yeti


And in a Season 4 episode of the kids cartoon Phineas & Ferb, the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz, invents an Abominable-ator to turn himself into an Abominable Snowman in order to be more intimidating.

 Plus, I believe *SPOILER ALERT* that people are turned into yetis by eating snow-noodles in the recent kids book, Pugs of the Frozen North.

And, last but not least-  just this year, in the recent expansion to Far Cry 4, you the player are (SPOILERS) transformed by a fungus at the end into one of the very Abominable Beastmen you've been fighting.

"Disembodied Voice: Your path is with us. Not against us."

Fan art
It happens. You can be turned into a yeti.

But just like other therianthropic were-creatures, don't expect a warm welcome from the locals...


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