Friday, September 25, 2015

[Were-Yeti Week] Not Yeti Friday - A Shrewdness of Simianthropes

Did you know? A group of apes is called a Shrewdness. I'm going to go ahead and assume a group of were-apes is called that too.

The little-known Howler from Marvel Comics is my favorite "Not Yeti" simianthrope...

But there are others...

In the fighting game Bloody Roar, the playable character Greg can transform into a white gorilla.

The comic Savage, which might be being made into a live-action TV show or film, features a young protagonist who can turn into a Bigfoot-like beast to fight werewolves:


And perhaps most famously, in the manga & cartoon Dragon Ball, the Saiyans are a race of people that can morph into tailed ape creatures.

And sometimes they can turn into a Golden Great Ape:

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