Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ditko Yeti: "I Captured the Abominable Snowman!"

Legendary comic book creator Steve Ditko did a short story in 1958 for Strange Worlds #1, entitled "I Captured the Abominable Snowman!"

It is an important moment in the history of yeti in the popular culture.

Appearing as it did in the comic book medium and reprinted many times over, it must have had a huge impact on the future development of our popular conception of the yeti.

Although the term "Abominable Snowman" existed since the 1920's, it was contributions like Ditko's comic that spurred on and kept the yeti concept alive, undoubtedly inspiring others to add their own take down the road.

This was 1958, many years ahead of the Rudolph special and the Bugs Bunny cartoon which both featured white-furred Abominable Snowmen. A 1957 movie and the Tintin comic (which wouldn't debut for a few years after it anyway) had brown-furred Abominable Snowmen. So Ditko's choice to make the fur white was actually quite unusual and trendsetting.

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No. 362 of the incredible Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine featured a scan of this work for you to read in its entirety!

** Click here to read it **

How about that twist ending?

I'll go ahead and add "SOB" to the list of yeti quotes.

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