Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Were-Yeti Week] Throwback: Futurama

Yetis have appeared a few times on Futurama.  I blogged about 'em here and here.  It was # 4 on the Top 10 Outer Space Yeti.

Here's a throwback... some more pics of the Futurama yeti.

In one of the episodes the character Farnsworth catches Yetiism:

"Yetiism is a disease caused by the Yeti pineal gland, which contains a concentrated form of the Yeti neurotoxin. According to Zoidberg: "It mimics the symptoms of hypermalaria exactly. Except for the part where, instead of dying, you turn into a Yeti!" Farnsworth had Yetiism from 2927 until 3011."

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