Friday, December 26, 2014

Not Yeti Friday - Winterbolt

Winterbolt is the villain of the made-for-TV movie Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1979).

As the title implies, it's a crossover, teaming up Rankin Bass super-stars Rudolph and Frosty.

Did you ever wonder why there was a terrible blizzard that necessitated Santa needing Rudolph's shiny nose to guide his sleigh? And why Rudolph had a shiny nose to begin with?

The answer is Winterbolt.

Winterbolt was an evil ice wizard who sought to overthrow Santa so he that he could take over his toy distribution (specifically, toys of evil).  He found a loophole: if Santa failed to deliver the toys on Christmas Eve, Winterbolt could take his place.  WB created the foggy storm so Santa couldn't perform his job functions.  All would have gone according to plan, but unfortunately for WB, his evil actions provoked the queen of the Northern Lights, Lady Boreal, to take human form and begin meddling.  She couldn't stop the storm, but she could give a reindeer a shiny red nose so that Santa wouldn't get lost.

Fun Facts about Winterbolt:
  • He used to rule the North Pole.
  • He has ice dragons.
  • He can make hypnotic snow.
  • His sleigh is led by snakes, instead of reindeer.
  • He sees Frosty's magic hat and instantly recognizes its potential to create an army of snowlems.
  • All of his power was in his staff. Simply destroy the staff, and you destroy him. Quite a crutch, really.  He really should have locked that down.
  • He turned into a tree when he died. Never did make all those snowlems.

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