Friday, December 5, 2014

Not Yeti Friday - Naruto's Four-Tails aka Yonbi Son Gokū

Today is the Annual Day of the Ninja.

To celebrate, let's look at the most prominent Not Yeti of the hugely popular, ninja-themed manga/anime Naruto.

 Its name is Yonbi Son Gokū, otherwise known as Four-Tails, but don't call him that.

He's one of nine titanic behemoths, living forms of chakra who take different forms and are designated by the number of tails they have.

They look like tentacles, and D&D aficionados might observe a similarity to Cryonax, but this is likely a coincidence.

In the Narutoverse, sad lonely humans called jinchūriki have one of these magical beasts sealed within them and can harness their powers.

Here's Sonbi meeting Naruto.

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