Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A new family film recently came out in Germany about a yeti called Yoko.

Found this synopsis online:
Eleven-year-old Pia suffers from the loss of her father, till one day the cute but mysterious Yeti child YOKO appears in her treehouse. YOKO has escaped from the malicious hunter Thor van Sneider, who accidentally got his hands on the little Yeti. Pia's new companion impresses her with supernatural talents and a very particular sense of humor, and steals himself into Pia's wounded heart. But the small Yeti from the icy Himalayas struggles with our climate - the unusual heat and spectacular chases by Sneider drain all of YOKO's life energy.  He has to return to his home country right away, before it's too late - but Sneider has different plans...

Turns out it's based on a popular German children's book series by Knister.

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Noël Ill said...

Omg I love this! The movie looks good too haha