Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Futurama Yeti Returns

...this time with a horn.

Long-time readers will recall that several years ago the cartoon show Futurama featured a yeti before. One of the main characters, Amy, speaks the language of the yeti.

Just recently, a Futurama episode called "Tip of the Zoidberg" also featured a yeti.... and a yeticorn at that! I'm starting to think I need a label for yeticorns. People are really diggin' the yeticorn these days. Could this be the Year of the Yeticorn?

Anyway, this new Futurama one is undoubtedly inspired by Star Trek's Mugato, who I profiled on this blog way back in 2006 (well, it was actually '04 or '05, but I didn't move it over to the new blogger blog until '06).

Here are some snaps of the recent yeti:

Turns out that Zoidberg first met and befriended Professor Farnsworth during a mission to kill a Tritonian yeti.

So this is pretty cool: two of the main characters of a popular cartoon series actually MET because of YETI.

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