Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 10: Disguise

This week's "Top 10" tackles disguises. I put my discerning eye on the elaborate suits which evoke the yeti likeness in the physical world. A most noble enterprise.

Note: these are professional costumes, not ones adorned by amateur guise-adopters.

Starting at number ten...

10) Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club mascot: "Slush"

9) Colorado Avalanche's ex-mascot: "Howler"

8) Roop's Christmas Party Yeti

7) Pop Tarts commercial

6) Noël ILL's "Herbert Sherbert"

5) Nemacolin Woodlands Resort mascot: "Lafayeti"


3) HB's Iceberger mascot

2) Kemerovo Conference mascot

1) IE8 commercial

Disagree? Tell me how I'm wrong.

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