Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Gwani

The Gwani are a white-furred race of bestial humanoids that you encounter in the computer game, Ultima VII: Part Two Serpent Isle (1993)

They're peaceful inhabitants of the ice regions, hunted for their fur by trappers.

Here are some of their names:

Yenani, Baiyanda, Bwundai, Gilwoyai, Kapyundi, Mwaerno, Myauri, Neyobi

Note the large number of letter y's.

Trivia from here:

  • They're referred to as savage, fearsome beasts by the Monitorians.

  • They have a death temple, where they entomb their dead in ice.

  • They believe magic corrupts the balance of nature.

  • They have a matriarchal society.

  • So that's the Gwani.

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