Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Scorpan

I can't believe I caved in to pressure and posted about Scorpan.

Who is Scorpan?

Who cares?

Get a job, Scorpan.

Just look at you. No comment.

Stop being a bad guy to My Little Ponies.

Stop riding a dragon when you already have wings.

I can't believe that people have created fan art about you.

MLP Fanart - Scorpan and Spike by *Deludedcon on deviantART

My Little Pony: Scorpan by ~Gojira007 on deviantART

MLPFiM - Scorpan Design Test by ~RustedRabbit on deviantART

No-one cares about Scorpan by *RusselH on deviantART

Just stop it, Scorpan.

Consider me your chief antagonist.

Dear Scorpan,

I have nothing to say to you.


Savvy said...

LOL this was one of my favorite posts so far on here, of the non-yeti posts.

Thanks for the laughs!

Marco Grande Arbitro said...

Ehhehe! LOL!