Monday, October 31, 2011


See this guy here? He knows what time it is!

Time to put on the Suit.

For a Halloween treat, let's look at some fictional characters from the popular culture that aren't yeti but chose at one point to dress up like one.

Emulate them tonight!

Name: Mr. Greenway
Origin: Episode of Scooby Doo (TV cartoon) called "That's Snow Ghost"
Reason: To scare people away from his smuggling operation

Name: Illya Kullyakin
Origin: Episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (tv show) called "The Abominable Snowman Affair"
Reason: To spy on an evil dictator

Name: Hulk
Origin: Comic book story called "The Incredible Hulk vs. The Hordes of General Fang!"
Reason: To become a "livin' legend", i.e. be the thing his enemies are scared stiff of

Name: Osom
Origin: Episode of Jonny Quest (TV cartoon) called "Monsters in the Monastery"
Reason: To instill fear and terror in the locals in order to take over a village and surrounding countryside

Name: Ashei
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (video game)
Reason: To study the Yeti Tribe of the Snowpeak Mountains

Name: Pablo the Penguin
Origin: Episode of the Backyardigans called "The Yeti"
Reason: To playfully stomp in the backyard and sing song called Yeti Stomp

Name: A pizza delivery guy
Origin: Episode of Fairly Odd Parents (TV Cartoon) called "Snow Bound"
Reason: To stay warm while delivering pizzas

Name: Strong Mad
Origin: Episode of Homestar Runner (Internet carton) called "I Don't Know What You're Talking About!"
Reason: To dress up in a costume on Decemberween.. to make up for not doing so on Halloween!

Don't be like Strong Mad! Don't miss dressing up as as a yeti on Halloween!

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