Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wolverine vs. Yeti

"Oh, but Henry, that's Wendigo, NOT yeti!"

You're correct. I think the reason the Marvel superheroes haven't gone up against yeti all that much is because Wendigo fits the bill so well. Who needs yeti when you got Wendy?

I mean, he basically is yeti. With a tail. And North American.

Just like the Wampa, Marvel's Wendigo is an honorary yeti in my book.

Here's more of that Wendigo fightin' that Wolverine. Reowww!

By the Man Jay Stephens

By James Smythe

Also, check out this poster of him in melee with Sabretooth, Wolverine's dad (I think).

Look at that gorgeous white fur in the sunlight.

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