Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey! Yeti Crab!

Sometimes I just need to remind everybody that there is a yeti crab.

No really.

Out there, at the bottom of the ocean, there is actually a living yeti crab.

Some artists are so cool they are inspired to depict it artistically. To them, I say "Ascend into the Higher Echelons of The Cosmic Hierarchy."

Yeti Crab by Rhett Ransom Pennell

Yeti Crab by Naomi

Yeti Crab! by Joe Havasy

Logo/mascot idea by Stewart Knox


Tan Yucel spotted a hidden happy face on kiwa hirsuta.

And Chris Noessel noticed a resemblance to a certain famous cinema drag queen.


NEWSFLASH! Yesterday, the Census of Marine Life received the prestigious International Cosmos Prize for its contribution to global understanding of natural life. Part of that contribution was its discovery of kiwa hirsuta, aka the yeti crab.

Congratulations, Census of Marine Life!

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