Thursday, September 22, 2011

BONUS: Yeti wants you... stop chewing your current gum and begin chewing new gum or he will punch you in the gut very hard so that you will spit out the current gum!!!!

There's a new gum commercial that features skateboarding superstar Shaun White and a yeti. The slogan is: "Spit it out. Or Yeti will find you."

Popmag reviews an article from the NY Times which discusses the above commercial. Popmag disagrees with NY Times' quoting of the responsible ad agency's assertion that the main reason they think the commercial will work is that "poking fun at marketers appeals to younger consumers".

Is it the making fun of marketers that appeals? Or just the simple fact that it has a yeti?

That'll do the trick, I think.

Oh! Also! Coincidentally, this isn't the first time, yeti and Shaun White have crossed paths.

If you pre-ordered a game called Shaun White Skateboarding at a particular game store, a code was provided for you to receive the Yeti as a playable character:

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