Friday, July 1, 2011

Wenzel Yeti

Sometimes I have a sixth sense about the presence of elusive yeti. I can just sniff them out. Like an intrepid cryptozoologist, I hunt for yeti in the frozen world wild webs of artist's sketch blogs and online portfolios.

Yeti, I will find you!


I love the animal illustrations of Brendan Wenzel (site|blog)... So much so that I wanted to feature his work on this blog. But I saw no yeti in his portfolio. Throwing caution to the wind, I was even tempted to do a "Not Yeti Friday" post about his Pileated Gibbon.

But then I thought: maybe he's done a yeti in his past, one that he'd be willing to share. So I wrote to ask him (and have an excuse to tell him how much I love his work).

Here's his response:
Wow Henry,

This is actually a very strange coincidence but I was art director at a production house called Yeti for two years. I have attached my favorite yeti image that I created while working there. It was inspired by thangka paintings. A bit different than my other work.

Feel free to post it! Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you like the work!


Thanks, Brendan!

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