Friday, July 8, 2011

Rose Yeti

Michael X. Rose is a painter who seeks "to discover or create that pivotal moment in human events when there is no turning back; disaster or salvation is imminent."

He makes violent encounters with yeti the subject of some of his work:

Ape Snow Beast Attack
Shackleton Coast, Antartica, 1911
(Corrington Torn Limb From Limb)

Oil on Panel, 10" x 10"

Rhino Snow Beast
Queen Maud Mountains, Antartica, 1911

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"


See also his: Yeti Attack, The Warning of the Yeti, and Snow Beast Abomination

Or check out the rest of his portfolio.


Anonymous said...

very cool! thanks for sharing, - Michael x.

Henry said...

Enjoy your work, Michael. Keep it up!