Friday, November 16, 2007

Yeti=Snow Troll Redux, and Thanksgiving

Sometimes I advocate that yeti is nothing more than a snow troll.

It's just a hobby of mine. Something to do between watching football games and actually playing football games.

Note: I neither play nor watch football games.

Snow trolls are very "thanksgiving"-ly oriented to me, and so in honor of the season and the fact that I found another picture of a snow troll that resembles a yeti, I am posting about it now.

Have a happy thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hey I love yetis too. I beleive they are cute little adoring creatures. I have a toy yeti.( my fren's actually but I love him ) would you want to see his photo?

Henry said...

Yes, I would want to see this photo.

Your theory that yeti are cute little adoring creatures is interesting. What evidence do you have to inform this belief of yours?

Thank you.

-Henry, the webmaster of ilovetheyeti