Monday, May 2, 2011

Halloween Monster Yetis!

In the world of yeti depiction, one name definitely rises to the top of the list o' greats:


Her Plush Yetis and Pillow Yetis made their mark, but she didn't stop there. She continued to push the envelope, first with Love Yetis, then Squid Yetis, then Skeleton Yetis, and then Dessert Yetis (to name a few)...

Now super-all-star-mega-supreme-hero-creator Loveandasandwich is pushing yeti depiction to stunning new heights.

Look at what she's cooked up recently:

Frankenyeti & Zombiyeti

Yeti Kruger

MAN-O-NAM. I only reserve use of that palindrome for the truly spectacular.

Keep on yeti-depictin', loveandasandwich. SCHOOL us in the ways.

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