Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Dr. Arthur Nagan

I know what you're thinking...

'But, Henry, that's a yeti!'


NOT yeti.

It's actually Dr. Arthur Nagan.

From the wikipedia:
Dr. Arthur Nagan is a former surgeon who took the organs from gorillas to use in people. However his scheme was allegedly thwarted by the gorillas who somehow transplanted his head onto a gorilla’s body.

Yes, you read that correctly. This arch-villain did not choose to have the body of a gorilla. Rather, he was thwarted by his own gorillas before he even began his criminal career. That is quite an origin story! I think I'd try to take over the world too if gorillas switched my body with one of their own.

((( But I wouldn't reveal to anyone that the apes got the upper hand. I'd be all like, "nope, my idea the whole time... I had to beg the gorillas to make the switch. They didn't wanna.")))

Dr. Arthur Nagan is no slouch, however. He is the leader and founder of the supervillain team, the Headmen.

One of the Headmen is named Ruby Thursday, and her head is a little red sphere. That's it; just a red sphere. Granted, it's malleable into any willed shape.

Ruby Thursday's real name is Thursday Rubinstein and she once ran for President of the United States.

And now you are educated.

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