Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Outer Limits' Gordon's Ghost (aka Chill Charlie, aka The Incredible Ice Man)

Season 1, episode 8 of The Outer Limits (aired November 11, 1963) is "The Human Factor".

At a remote military installation in Northern Greenland, a guilt-ridden soldier is haunted by his dead private's ghost, which resembles a creepy ice creature.

And the yeti connection such as it is would end there, except...
"Interestingly, a much cooler version, translucent with glowing eyes, was built but ultimately not used. Dubbed “Chill Charlie,” the statue has somehow managed to endure as an iconic TOL creature, whereas Gordon’s Ghost is largely forgotten outside the context of the episode." Source

Here's a collectible figurine made of "Chill Charlie":

And recent fan art:

Woody Welch

In 1964 trading cards were produced to showcase the Outer Limits' monsters, and they picked Chill Charlie to "lead the pack" as it were:

They also changed his name to the Incredible Ice Man, and gave him a backstory set in the Himalayas, so yeah : Yeti.

Though the likeness on the front of the card is still Private Gordon's Ghost from the TV ep:

Cover of trading card

Still from "The Human Factor"

The character was so popular it was one of the main subjects of this puzzle:

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