Thursday, June 2, 2016

[Destination: Italy] Republic Day

Well, would you look at that, we're in Italy today. And it just happens to be Festa della Repubblica, the party to celebrate the End of Monarchy.  

Yeti il Gigante del 20º secolo (1977) known as "Giant of the 20th Century" in English (why?) is widely considered a terrible, stupid film. It is an Italian rip-off of 1976's King Kong.

The film was likely the inspiration behind this song by Italian band Boomerang called "yeti" (1978):

Only lyrics are "I'm the Yeti on the Mountain."

On Milan, Italy this yeti was spotted at  "Torna Il Villaggio delle Meraviglie":


Here's a commercial for Be-Total (an Italian medicine brand):


And there was a comedic interview on Italian TV:

Plus, famous artist Milo Manara made a comic:


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