Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kids Cartoon: Spaced Out Bunny & Megas XLR

Today, I bring you two cartoons featuring space yetis (with bonus: robots!)

Warner Bros.' Spaced Out Bunny aired May 21, 1980, and here's the plot:

Bugs Bunny is captured by Marvin the Martian and taken to Mars so that he can be a playmate for Hugo the Abominable Snowman (from 1961's The Abominable Snow Rabbit). Bugs remembers Hugo from his original encounter as he's still repeating his old 'Of Mice and Men' catchphrases.

Bugs characteristically regains the upper hand by suggesting to Hugo that he needs a robot, and not a rabbit.  "George is a perfect name for a robot",  the bunny says, and convinces him like some kind of Jedi that Marvin is the droid he's looking for.

Marvin denies the charge, and an angered Hugo begins to physically assault him.

Disturbed by the level of abuse he has caused and feeling pity for the Martian, Bugs suggests Marvin be used as a new "Mickey Martian" wristwatch instead.  Marvin is forced in a disturbing way to imitate the hands of a watch on Hugo's wrist.  But the Abominable Snowman is content with the result, and the abuse has, at least for the time being, stopped.

Bugs then climbs into the spacecraft and, using further bunny mind tricks, convinces Hugo to practice his Frisbee toss by hurling the ship toward the Earth.

Cryhocks are "Space Yetis" living on an ice planet from the cartoon Megas XLR (2004-05), Season 2, Episode 23, "Ice Ice Megas".

They're saved by the mecha robot heroes.

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