Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback: Harold the Matterhorn Yeti

This time we're throwin' it back to Harold the lovable, red-eyed Yeti from Disney's Matterhorn theme park ride.  Who can forget my previous posts about the pins and the Park Starz figure?   And we're still waiting on that movie.  In the meantime, here's some more Harold Love:

Our Harold recently made an appearance in a new Mickey Mouse short on the Disney Channel & The episode was called "Yodelberg".



You can get Harold in action figure form:


He's all like, "Everybody, quiet down!"

Nice pen topper:


This retro fridge magnet is très chic:


He's all like, "Ya got me! I give up!"

This here's a mighty fine fine art portrait by Sadie Rothenberg:

He's all like, "I know kung fu."

Thank Rebecca Lord next time you see for this hand-made Harold plush:

He's all like, "I dunno... beats me!"

And finally, how 'bout this painting of Harold on smoke break by the Super Ugly .

He's all like, ".........."

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