Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback: Man Beast

There were three Yeti "B" movies in the 1950s.

First there was The Snow Creature in 1954, then Half Human in 1955, and  finally Man Beast completed the trilogy in '56.

Man Beast is only 63 minutes long, and by most accounts, is a pretty crummy film.

Like many B movies, there's a lascivious monster vs. lady thing going on.

But the most interesting thing about it:  a character 's terrible secret at the end of the film is revealed... he is part Yeti!

Check out this poster. Doesn't the yeti look remarkably Chewbacca-like?

Someone zoomed in on the lower left yellow drawing of the yeti in the above poster and made it more legible:

The caption below it reads: "SEE:Women stalked and captured for breeding by Yeti monsters!"

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