Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Destination: Nepal] Let's Help

The Yeti is from the Himalayan region of Nepal.  Let's go home...

I decided as a child that Nepal has my favorite flag btw.
It's the only one that's not a rectangle or square.

The Hotel Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu:

Yeti sculpture in the National History Museum, Swoyambhu, in Kathmandu, Nepal:


Yeti sculpture in the International Mountaineering Museum in Pokhara:

Banjhākri and Banjhākrini are shamanic deities in the tradition of the Tamang people of Nepal.
Banjhākri is a short, wild, simian trickster who is a descendant of the Sun. His ears are large and his feet point backward. Long, matted hair covers his entire body, except for his face and palms.. sound familiar?

Yeti-ish costumes in a traditional monastery dance:
Sanghi dance performed by lukla monastery

Once again: Vetted Charities to help Nepal

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