Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yeti Arcade: The Heroes of Video Games

In many video games, non-yeti characters put on yeti costumes.  Costume Quest is one, but there are others.

Yes, even your virtual personalities are acting heroically.  Need I remind you that there is a day coming up in which you too have an opportunity to put on the mask and mantle of A Great Hero?   I'm only gonna say it once: On October 31st of 2013, do yourself (and everyone (srsly)) a huge favor and Abominablify Yourself!

Anyway, let's roll it down...

CastleVille (2011) 

The extremely popular social network game had a winter-themed update in January 2012 that included a Yeti and you could purchase costumes for both your male and female characters.

Looks like your character can pick up a yeti suit in this endless runner for  iOS.


CityVille (2010)

In the casual social city-building simulation game CityVille, there's a criminal you can capture called The Yeti who dons the disguise to rob your city.

Urban Rivals (2006)
The massively multi-player online virtual trading card game had a character named Eliska, who was raised by yeti and tries to act like one.

The multiplayer online casual rhythm game had a Christmas celebration in 2009 where you could acquire a yeti suit to wear.

YoVille (2008)

This outfit is available for you in this browser-based virtual world game:

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