Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seven Years in Tibet

'I <3 Yeti' image by Nathan Mazur (previously blogged about)

As of today, this blog is seven years old!

Here's my first post way back on October 5, 2006:

G.I. Joe Yeti.

A classic.

Technically, I'd been amassing yeti images for a few years before that. Even got highlighted on BoingBoing in '05, in a post entitled Amazing collection of Yeti art and tchotchkes.

It wasn't until 2006 that I put everything into a blogger blog.

Here I am now, seven years later, still a yetibloggin'.

That's 32.9 internet years (!) for those of you that only think of years in terms of internet years (you know who you are).

Anyway, thanks for reading.

"yeti thanks" by  Anouk Moulliet

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JayJayFool said...

awww!! My birthday is the 4th! :) We are almost like twins!