Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 10: Oddity

There are some odd yetis out there. Let's count 'em down from ten!

10) Tim and Eric's Dee Vee
He shoots lasers out of his face and is associated with an alternate reality Christmas-like holiday.

9) Kinda Frightening Figure
I mean, yow. This guy'll readjust your eyeballs.

8) Yeti Roosevelt
This speaks for itself. Not literally, thank goodness.

7) Marx Yeti
Raises its arms, shambles towards you, and lets out an ungodly screech

6) Carl Barks Yeti
Has multiple piercings, weird jewelry, and a strange hodge-podge of clothing worn in the wrong places

5) To Catch a Yeti
Looks like a manic dog-gremlin

4) Seven Faces of Dr. Lao
Looks like a freaky fake rubber mask. Also, what's up with his hair?

3) Old GI Joe action figure
Yippee, Joe captured a pathetic stubby gorilla runt

2) Wrestler named The Yeti
Looks indistinguishable from a mummy... for no discernible reason

1) Famous Monsters figure
Looks like a blue elf-vampire wearing lacy pajamas

Painting by Tim Baron

Honorable mention:
Dancing Yeti
Hombre de las Nieves figure
Gorilla Bear
Not Yeti - HUH?
Bizarre Costume



This mask & wig:

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