Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Voormis

In 1933, sword-and-sorcery author Clark Ashton Smith wrote the short story, "The Seven Geases" as part of his Hyperborean cycle. Here he describes the race called Voormis - shaggy, bestial humanoids who dwell in the mountains and worship the underground toad-god, Tsathoggua.

Except for the whole toad-god part, they're a lot like Yeti.

There's no official visual representation of Voormis, but here are a couple of interpretations:




So that's three of the founders of the sword and sorcery subgenre: Lovecraft, Howard, and Smith ...

...And all three had lots of love for Yeti.


P.S.  Here's one visual interpretation of the toad-god, Tsathoggua, that I felt I had to share.  Did I mention he's more of a toad-bat?  Yep, he's more of a toad-bat.



Marco tartaruga said...

Hello, I wanted to tell you this post on a post dedicated to the Yeti Blood Bowl:

Henry said...

Cool! Thanks, Marco. I blogged about some concept art for Warhammer's Yhettee here.

Loren Coleman said...

Interestingly, it is a little known fact that a biographer of Clark Ashton Smith was George Haas, one of the early chroniclers of Bigfoot activity, who lived in the Bay Area, CA. George was an old friend of mine. I visited with him often in 1974-1975, and he shared that he was a great Edgar Rice Burroughs and Clark Ashton Smith fan. George's Bigfoot newsletter was legendary.

Henry said...

Thanks, Loren. Very interesting connection!

Taranaich said...

I have to say, your posts on the Yeti-like beings in Lovecraft, Smith and Howard are quite intriguing.

Henry said...

Thanks, man.