Friday, November 5, 2010

Greatest Three Minutes of Your Life

I blogged about this film many years ago, but all I knew about it was its video cover.

Now you can see a three minute best-of clip of "To Catch a Yeti", courtesy of Everything is Terrible!

You will wish you gave more than three minutes of your life to it. It's worth so much more. You, afterwards: "Take a year... please!"


Alexz said...

Seeing as how Meat Loaf and yetis are my two favorite things in life -EVER- I have seen this movie way too many times. I mean, I am ashamed of how much I have watched it. Okay, no I am not. And I own more than one copy. It is epically bad but it only makes watching it more entertaining.

Noël ILL said...

wow, that was amazing. Totally going to share this around. If this movie came out now, it would still be the best movie ever.