Friday, March 9, 2007

You hear that, yeti? Chill the #@$% out.

According to the Creatures of Elandera web site:

"Yeti is pure power, no doubt about it! As a distant cousin of the Furpied family, Yeti may not have very much speed or intelligence, but with a body that large and a temper that hot, it may not need it. It has even learned the powers of the Frost Gem that allow it to use ice-cold attacks to its advantage. However, Yeti's temper can sometimes get out of control, and when this happens, watch out! When Yeti goes berserk in a fit of rage, anything in its path, even its own teammates, is used as a punching bag by this icy monster. To use Yeti to its full potential, the Kalimai must keep it calm and work on having it focus its intense energy toward the regime goal, rather than having it blindly lash out in anger."

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