Friday, March 23, 2007


A reader named penguin directed me to Toy2r, insinuating in not too many words ("look around it eventually you'll find a yeti.") that a yeti could be found there.

I won't go so far as to compare myself to an intrepid Himalayan explorer, who after responding to the call of adventure, bravely conquers the vast ice plains in search of the elusive mystery-ape, and then climactically engages in mortal combat with his quarry in a cave at the summit of Everest, one filled with giant spikes of crystal and the glittering horde of a thousand years of lost sherpa gold (although truth-be-told, it was really very similar), but I did look around for a few minutes and eventually find Choco.

I think Choco is what penguin was referring to. Choco was a very famous candy bar mascot chocolater with his buddy Minty, but then they got fired and have to find a job.

Looks like a yeti to me!

By David Horvath of Ugly Doll fame.

Thanks, penguin!


penguin said...

all in the name of yeti :-D

penguin said...

on the middle of the page is another yeti!

penguin said...

go to 8inch, on middle of page is yeti!!

Johnny Darrell said...

go to the "collections" then the Qee collection and on page 4 (of 11 pages) there's Gamma-Go's Biskup Yeti.

penguin said...

copy and paste this link ito your toolbar:

5(possably) more pages,of yeti!!
enjoy;-D . you can also look up what ever you want on it.