Saturday, February 20, 2016

Support the new International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum is moving! And needs your help. Be sure to donate if you can. Contribute to the GoFundMe campaign.

Have you read the 2004 comic sequence,  Swamp Thing #7-8 Missing Link?

In it, Maximillian Ramhoff, an Internet billionaire who collects cryptids including the Yeti, hires cryptozoologist Coleman Wadsworth to find the Swamp Thing.

Some of Mr Ramhoff's collection

And, yes, he's named after famous cryptozoologist and Friend of the Site, Loren Coleman.

In Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum, one can see an exhibit featuring the Swamp Thing comic:


Here on ILTY, we celebrate Coleman on his birthday by exhibiting bad photoshopping skills:
And although I've never had the pleasure of going, my father visited in 2013!

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