Thursday, July 18, 2013

My father at the International Cryptozoology Museum

I haven't been to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland Maine but I did the next best thing:

I sent my dad.

He loved it. Plus, he got to meet Loren Coleman.

Papa was particularly impressed with the footprint casts from fellow San Antonian Tom Slick's 1957-1959 expeditions.


Marco Grande Arbitro Giorgio said...

I'm happy for your father, you do not know what I'd do to stay at your father's place

Henry said...

Marco, do you mean "be in my father's place"? Staying at my father's place might not be that much fun for you. The house I grew up in is not all that exciting.

Loren Coleman said...

It was an absolutely wonderful experience meeting and talking to your father. He is a kind and gentle individual who had a one track mind when he visited the museum: He wanted to get a photo of himself next to the Yeti material for his son who "likes the Yetis."

Of course, we all know really you, like me, LOVE the Yetis!