Thursday, August 20, 2015

[Destination: Germany] Schneemenschen

Germans love the yeti. There's the kids' films Yoko and Lissi und der wilde Kaiser, the comic strip Nichtlustig, the 1977 board game, and the death metal band Frauke - to name just a few of its manifestations.  There's also a rich history of yeti-like things in German culture like Straw Bears and funny bear costumes during WWII to make fun of Russians.

Let's see what other yeti love we got in the 'Schland...


Here's the movie poster for the 1950s Hammer film, "The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas".  They call it "Yeti Der Schneemensch", which is an improvement.

This nightlight is/was available.  The most Homer Simpson resembling yeti you will ever find.

Anybody know why the above ad shows thermometers? Does it change colors?

Apparently, it's also a Kinder Surprise Egg Toy.  Here's a Japanese YouTube video that shows it off.

You can also read the book "Der Yeti in Berlin" by Will Gmehling:

...this one called Yeti is about a yeti who wears overalls with the letter "Y" on them:

And these more adult books, featuring yetis carrying ladies:

And check out this sculpture by an unknown artist currently exhibiting at the JVA Magdeburf, a penitentiary-turned-artspace.

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