Friday, July 5, 2013

Monsters University Yeti

A couple of weeks back, I posted about the Monsters, Inc. Yeti, and I made a big fuss about how the Abominable Snowman wasn't going to be appearing in the sequel Monsters University and boo hoo hoo and shame on Pixar and cry baby cry, make your mother sigh.

Turns out  I WAS WRONG.

Well, misinformed anyway.

Here are a couple of stills from the new film taken by an amateur photographer.  Just because it's blurry doesn't mean it's not real.

In my original post, I wrote:
"This is also a great opportunity to explain why Yeti was banished to the Himalayas - a big mystery in the original film."

Well, it turns out Pixar seized on this opportunity. They have the Yeti working in mail room as a mail sorter at the Monsters, Inc. factory. There is an implication that he was banished to the Himalayas for messing up at his job.

Thank you, Pixar!
for including the Yeti in Monsters University