Monday, June 17, 2013

New Lego Collectibile Minifigurine

A user on brickshelf named ajdken uploaded some pictures that appear to preview the upcoming Lego collectible minifigures series 11. 

One of them shows a yeti!  MUST ACQUIRE.

Word has it that we should be seeing these hit store shelves in August 2013.

What's he holding? Is that a popsicle or some kind of shovel-made-of-ice?

MBL Designs with the scoop.


Savvy said...

As a person who has felt up several minifig bags with her nephew trying to get specific characters, I'm just gonna throw out there that those ridges on the sides of his face would be pretty distinguishing to trained fingers... Maybe that's cheating; I guess I'm a hardened criminal if so.

Henry said...

"And Ye Shall Know Him By the Those Little Ridges On The Sides of His Face As Ye Feel Up Thine Nephew's Minifig Bags Trying to Get Specific Characters."

Savvy said...

LOL thanks for a much needed laugh :)

JayJayFool said...

YUP!! I got 2 of them on Sunday!! The people at the Lego store helped in finding them for me! But they are REALLY easy to find!!!