Monday, April 29, 2013

Cookie Man vs. Yeti

Maybe you've never heard of the superhero named "Cookie Man"... For shame.

Click for a closer look at this ad from the late 1960's. It was cut from the back of an old Chips Ahoy! cookie bag.

Note that yeti has a pink bow on his head.  Nice gender-bending.

Description: When yeti steals cookies, Cookie Man arrives, tricks yeti into taking a cab ride, and steals the cookies for himself.

Wow, Cookie Man must have taken lessons from Baron Black-heart HIMSELF.


Savanna said...

This ad is so recondite! So, the yeti sprang forth out of this snowman disguise? Why was a man with a camel checking out a snowman to begin with? Are they in a desert, the way it looks? If so, why is there suddenly a cab? And is it really any better to be rescued from a cookie-thieving yeti only to have your rescuer eat your cookies anyway?? So many questions!! I'll get nothing accomplished at work today for wondering.

Henry said...

I'm assuming the man with the camel and the Cookie Man are one and the same? If so, he has the remarkable superpower of changing outfits instantaneously. Also, what is the symbol on his chest? It looks alchemical.

Savvy said...

It's still feels like the illustrator left out some major plot points to me. I guess the lesson is to never mess with snowmen in the desert?

Henry said...

It's actually a pretty smart message if you think about it.

By the way, Savvy, I finally added a link to the yeti quotes page on the side!

Savvy said...

Love it!

Bird of Paradise said...

But Cookieman could'nt fly like Superman theres two TV ads where he tries and either gose tumbling down a sanddune(The Yeti One)or gose Ker-Splash when he encouters a sea monster frankly i beleive he was a parody of Superman or Batman